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04/17/2000 *gulp*: New stable version rxvt-2.6.2 is out now! Stay calm please, it's enough there for everyone.
04/12/2000 SourceForge rules over anonymous CVS now.
03/26/2000 Ahh, spring is comming: Developers version rxvt-2.7.3 offers you a new adventure.
12/21/1999 Smells like christmas-time: Developers version rxvt-2.7.2 wants to be compiled.
09/28/1999 Cookies for the testing-dogs: Developers version rxvt-2.7.1 is hitting the streets.
08/17/1999 Bugfixes, bugfixes: rxvt-2.6.1 is out!
08/02/1999 New Snapshot rxvt-2.6-19990802 available. Smells like 2.6.1 is rising above the horizon...
06/08/1999 Hold your breath: Version 2.6.0 available
03/15/1999 www.rxvt.org is up and running.


  • Manual
  • Manual (for version 2.7.3)
  • FAQ
  • Learning by reading answers to questions of others which you might have asked yourself.
  • Screenshots
  • A good motivation to find out how it works.


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